Oct 062013

Through many discussions with the town and volunteers, the path to completing the rail trail is getting ever clearer. This fall, we’ve gotten over a few important hurdles:

  • The Needham Selectmen have reiterated their unanimous support for the trail, by deciding to bring two articles to the Special Town Meeting in November.
  • The CPC is poised to fund insurance required by the MBTA.
  • The Town Finance Committee has formally provided its support for the two articles.

Assuming the Town Meeting agrees with these recommendations and passes the two articles, then the only thing standing in the way of getting development of Phase 1 underway is raising the funds required for that portion of the project. We are now calling that sum $235,000, which adds $35,000 for the much finer stone dust surface.

The Bay Colony Rail Trail Association has already raised almost 30% of this amount, and has committed to applying it to the Needham project. And now, with support from International Bicycle Center, and the anonymous matching gifts for October, we are beginning to build momentum to achieve the target within the next year.

Please consider contributing this month, where your donation amount will be doubled! It would be great to send a message to the Town Meeting on November 4th.


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