Nov 032013

Friday afternoon at 5:00, on the steps of Town Hall, under the watchful eye of a select group of observers, Selectman John Bulian reached into the large jar of raffle tickets 12 times, and withdrew 10 third prize tickets, 1 second prize ticket and, finally, the first prize ticket.

Trek72FX-smallThe Trek 7.2 FX bicycle, donated by International Bicycle Center, went to winning ticket #420533, which was held by Megan Kerr of Needham. Congratulations Megan! Second prize, the trainer, went to Jeff Katz. Ten third prizes, BCRT t-shirts, will go to the following folks:

  • Martin Yapp
  • Alecia Domer
  • Russell Cohen
  • Roland Stern
  • Cory and Lisa Rhoades
  • Robert Smyser
  • Brenda Metzler
  • Lynne Rachlis
  • Lisa Bond
  • Scott Muldoon

In all, the raffle brought in $2,978 for the project. And because it was held during the period of  the grant that matches each personal donation, the raffle effectively delivered $5,956 toward the new trail.

Thanks to all for participating!

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